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The Gonstead Method is known as the "gold standard" of all chiropractic techinques. Gonstead adjustments are intentional and precise, and they are always based on careful X-ray analysis. Dr. Martin is proud to be listed as the exclusive Gonstead chiropractor in Durham.
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Gonstead: The “Gold Standard” in Chiropractic.

Gonstead chiropractors are known for making incredibly specific adjustments. Precision Chiropractic’s Dr. Martin is proud to be listed as the exclusive Gonstead chiropractor in Durham. He has been practicing Gonstead since 2000. He occasionally employs other chiropractic techniques since different people respond to different chiropractic methods, but Gonstead is his #1 go-to. Dr. Martin was trained in the Gonstead method at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and he has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate training in the Gonstead method.

X-rays: To See is to Know. To Not See is to Guess.

Not all chiropractors take X-rays. But we think that’s risky, even dangerous. There can be structural anomalies, disease, fractures, birth defects, arthritis and degeneration. All that shows up on an X-ray. If you don’t take the picture, you’ll never see it! Of course there are exceptions. (We never X-ray infants or pregnant women, for example.) But generally speaking, Gonstead chiropractors do not adjust someone without seeing an X-ray first. This is probably why Gonstead has such a safe track record throughout history. To see is to know. To not see is to guess. We don’t guess here.

Gonstead chiropractors rely on X-rays, but X-rays are helpful for the patient, as well. When we review your X-rays, you can see exactly where the problem areas are and what needs to be fixed. After you’ve been under chiropractic care, we can take follow-up X-rays and see if we’re making progress. You will probably feel better under chiropractic care, but you’ll know for certain whether or not you’re making progress by seeing your X-rays. The proof is in the picture!

Gonstead Chiropractic is Safe and Gentle.

The Gonstead chiropractic method has an incredibly safe track record. It’s bio-mechanically accurate. It’s well researched. It treats the body and spine as one integrated unit. It is also usually a very gentle chiropractic technique. The adjustments are never forced. They never torque or twist the neck or spine. This makes Gonstead a safe, effective chiropractic method for people of all ages. Dr. Martin has adjusted a two-day- old baby and a 98-year- old man.

Gonstead Chiropractic is Hands-On.

Gonstead chiropractors rely on their hands to find problem areas in the spine (which are verified by the X-rays) and make manual adjustments. Dr. Martin can feel the changes with his well-practiced hands and fingers in a way that instruments and electronics can’t. Many chiropractors use instruments like an activator or impulse adjuster instead of or in addition to using their hands. For a small percentage of people, these kinds of instruments make sense, and we use them. But no instrument is as sensitive as nerves in the human hand.

Gonstead Chiropractic is Highly Specific.

A lot of chiropractors use the “pop and pray” method—pop the spine and pray you got the right area. Believe it or not, that actually does help a lot of people. But you can help more people and get a longer-lasting correction if you carefully adjust the precise area of the spine that needs it. Sometimes you hear, “Go see this guy if you’ve got carpal tunnel.” Or, “That’s the place to go for headaches.” Gonstead has proven over the years to be extremely effective in helping a wide range of health problems. Any condition that chiropractic can help with—ear infections, headaches, numbness and tingling, blood pressure, sciatica, the list goes on—Gonstead is effective. Probably the main difference is in our motive for making an adjustment. A lot of chiropractic techniques are good at helping symptoms. But as a Gonstead chiropractor, we’re not as concerned with the symptoms. We’re really looking for the structural, root cause of the problem.

It’s Like if you Have a Garden…

You could go into your garden and yank out a handful of green stuff and you will probably get some of the weeds. You also might pull out some of your veggies. But probably, you’ll do some good for your garden. It’s better than not weeding at all. But even better would be to carefully look through your garden, identify the intruders, and specifically pull out just the weeds by the roots. That’s Gonstead: carefully identify the problem and specifically adjust it. The symptoms go away, but the overall results are better and last longer when you address the underlying problem.

Significant improvement in lower back pain, hence ability to walk greater distances and flexibility improved.


At Precision Chiropractic of Durham, a consultation is a conversation, not a commitment.

After learning more about you and understanding your health and wellness goals, we'll have a better understanding of how structural chiropractic care can help you. And you'll have a better understanding of what's possible when we remove the structural shifts that cause subluxations in the spine and let the body function without interference.