Precise Structural Correction

Precision Chiropractic is one of only about 400 facilities of its kind in the whole country. We focus on precise structural correction of the spine. We use objective indicators to identify the problem area, and you'll be able to see progress as we go.

Precision Chiropractic of Durham focuses on precise structural correction of the spine.

Many other health-care facilities have goals similar to ours:
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Decrease muscle spasm
  • Increase range of motion

These are worthy goals and many practitioners offer patients relieve through chiropractic care, massage, physical therapy, and medicine. However, at Precision Chiropractic, we go beyond treating symptoms.

Our goal is correction.

We are the only facility in Durham that specializes on structural correction of the spine. In fact, Precision Chiropractic is one of only about 400 facilities of its kind in the whole country.

Using specialized functional X-rays (done right here on-site) and other objective indicators, we can identify the precise location of structural shifts in your spine. Then, we fix them.

Rather than focus on symptoms, such as pain or loss of mobility, we focus on finding and fixing structural shifts in your spine. When we do that, the symptoms almost always get better or go away completely—which means you get back to enjoying your life! On the other hand, when left untreated or masked with medication, these structural shifts will get worse over time and lead to much bigger health problems.

It’s not uncommon to find significant structural or functional shift in the majority of people who make their way to our practice. We suspect this is because we receive referrals not only from people who have benefited personally from structural chiropractic care, but also from other chiropractors and medical doctors in the area.

You can mask the symptoms, but the underlying problem does not go away. You can ignore the problem, but it will get worse. Why not correct the problem, and get on with your life!

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and find out if structural chiropractic care seems like a reasonable solution to your health issues.

Bottom line is—I’m better. And a long-standing problem that I thought was stress-related and never mentioned is totally resolved even though my stress has not changed.