chiropractic-stroke-riskRecently there have been some stories in the news and online calling into question the safety of manipulation to the neck and the link to stroke following the manipulation of the cervical spine.

Unfortunately, there are chiropractors (and osteopaths and physical therapists and others) who are purposefully rough, who use non-specific, aggressive manipulation, and who believe the neck can be twisted and tugged at random. That’s not how we do things here.

The sad fact is this: If a person is about to have a stroke, then ANY kind of trauma to the upper portion of the neck—a fall from a swing, being hit with a basketball, and yes, even an aggressive spinal manipulation—can be the “final straw” and could “cause” the stroke. Some people have even had strokes while having their hair washed at a stylist’s sink. That’s not because it’s dangerous to get your hair washed (or to ride a swing, play basketball or have your neck adjusted). It’s because that the person has a serious underlying problem that will result in a stroke sooner or later.

It’s not dangerous to get a specific chiropractic adjustment.

In 16 years of practice, I have NEVER seen a stroke or any other dangerous reactions from an adjustment to the neck in my practice. Furthermore, of the hundreds of chiropractors I’ve personally interacted with, I’ve never heard about a single life-threatening side effect from a neck adjustment.

Here is an important fact most of the news stories are leaving out: In most cases, strokes from spinal manipulation have been a result of an action from someone WHO WAS/IS NOT a chiropractor. Oddly, even when other types of healthcare providers choose to manipulate the spine, it’s often referenced as a “chiropractic manipulation.”

The care in this office involves careful, specific adjustments—not random manipulation, twisting or cracking. This is why our examination is so detailed and utilizes the very best in objective measurements, in particular, digital, motion study x-rays. When I analyze these highly specific, functional x-rays, it allows me to make the most careful adjustments to the spine in a way that moves the bone back to a neutral, low-stress position and does not injure blood vessels.

Good and bad chiropractors

Every profession has its wild cards. Just as there are good (and bad) lawyers, and good (and bad) mechanics, there are also good (and bad) chiropractors. As your doctor at Precision Chiropractic, I pride myself on being careful, precise and thorough, and I have a long track record to prove it.Save