Here’s what research says about cervical manipulation (chiropractic adjustments) for neck pain:

Intervertebral Kinematics of the Cervical Spine Before, During and After High Velocity Low Amplitude Manipulation
The Spine Journal. 2018.

The lifetime prevalence of neck pain is estimated to be up to 70% and it is one of the most common symptoms reported in a primary care setting.

Cervical manipulation (i.e., an adjustment from a chiropractor) has been recommended as a primary treatment option by an ever increasing array of systematic reviews and practice guidelines due to its efficacy, safety, and high patient satisfaction.

This study is the first to quantify intervertebral kinematics before, during, and after a cervical manipulation. The researchers found facet gapping up to .9mm during the manipulation and multi-planar increases in range of motion post-manipulation.

A beneficial “side effect” noted by the research team was that the average reported pain was reduced by nearly 50%.

head range of motion before and after a chiropractic adjustment

Quotes from the research on chiropractic treatment for improved range of motion and reduced neck pain:

“Several theories have been proposed as to the possible mechanisms by which spinal manipulation decreases pain and improves function, including; biomechanical changes in segmental facet joint motion,; psychological relaxation effect from personal interaction and/or manual contact by the provider; inhibition of ascending nociceptive (sensory) neural pathways, or reflex changes in muscle tone and motor neural pathways.”

“The novel and important findings of this study are that facet joint gapping occurs on the contralateral side of the targeted joint and adjacent motion segments during HVLA manipulation, and that intervertebral range of motion significantly increases in all three planes of motion in the target and inferior adjacent motion segments after manipulation.”

Click here to download a PDF of this chiropractic research study.

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Dr. David Martin has helped me turn a corner that I had been unable to with another chiropractor’s care. His technical application has resulted in increased range of motion of my head and back, a decrease in headaches, and reduced back pain. As a patient and a health professional, I would highly recommend this practice.

Jeff K.

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