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Dr. Martin does health and wellness events in Durham, Chapel Hill and throughout the Triangle. See if one of the four options below suits your company or group. Or contact us to plan a custom program.

A Shift in Mindset

We all want to be healthy and enjoy life. But too often we wait too long to deal with a health challenge, and we end up having to make reactive decisions health decisions rather than being proactive about our health. Dr. Martin’s “edu-taining” presentations initiate a shift in mindset among your colleagues regarding their health, moving them from passive to active. You will be given tools to not only take responsibility for your health, but also to create victories in pursuit of a better life. Here are our four most popular programs:


This is our most frequently requested event, and it’s ideal for an all-hands staff meeting or larger groups. In a concise 10-minute talk (think TED Talk style), Dr. Martin will challenge thinking around a pivot point that will put everyone in your office on a proactive path to health.

>> Schedule a Well10 Talk at your office.



Dr. Martin will teach for 30-60 minutes on the subject you choose in a workshop format. Don’t be fooled by the title! These events are not limited to lunch. We can accommodate breakfast talks, snack talks or any other excuse for a time to eat. As a bonus, the meal is provided by our office at no charge to qualifying groups. Our most popular topics include:

• Successful Lifestyles of the Corporate Athlete
• Stress Less America
• Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia and the Solution
• Women’s Health According to Misty May
• Healthy Living to One Hundred

>> Schedule a Lunch & Learn at your office.



This energetic and informative health fair is typically two hours long and happens in a fun, music-filled atmosphere, often outdoors. You set the location and time, and we take care of the rest! We organize the vendors, entertainment, and in most cases even provide refreshments. All this is complimentary to you and is a great way to provide your employees immediate access to healthcare across a variety of fields.

>> Notify us about your company’s health fair.



Your office staff can have a non-invasive, painless and private health screening with Dr. Martin and get immediate feedback. Through interactive health surveys and assessments, we can help identify individuals with emerging health challenges that lead to lower productivity, or worse, absenteeism. Before the event, each participating employee will choose a time slot for his or her screening. By conducting the consultations instantly on-site, Dr. Martin can suggest possible solutions in a private setting and create a comfortable, safe learning environment for the person. This private and personalized moment doesn’t just educate, but engages employees to initiate responsibility and take ownership of their own health.

>> Request more info.


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I was skeptical but have been able to run as far and often as ever with no back pain. I do not take pain meds for my back. Dramatic improvement!

Will M.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Unless we are mandated to close for a period of time, or unless I get sick, I will keep the office open. I'll explain why and I'll let you know what we are doing in response to the concerns.  Before I get to that, I'll mention something on a personal note... I am...

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