Unless we are mandated to close for a period of time, or unless I get sick, I will keep the office open. I’ll explain why and I’ll let you know what we are doing in response to the concerns. 

Before I get to that, I’ll mention something on a personal note…

I am taking this situation seriously. 

Like many of you, while the concern for my own personal health is low, I have family that I am concerned about. 

  • I have two children with a genetic lung condition that would present a major challenge if one or both got sick. 
  • One of my parents is immuno-suppressed from cancer treatment.
  • My grandmother (of Facebook fame!) is over 90.

I’m very aware of the concerns.

Why I Am Keeping My Durham Chiropractic Office Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic

First, I feel a responsibility to do what I can to help support you who are practice members and help you to the best of my ability to make good decisions for your health and the health of your family. 

Second, among all the things a person can do to take an offensive position toward this health challenge (as opposed to a fearful defensive position), managing stress and reducing stress is a significant factor in your health in general, particularly in regard to how your immune system works. 

Chiropractic adjustments do not fight or prevent coronaviruses. However, we do know that reducing stress helps your immune system function better. For most people, lying on the table, receiving an adjustment, reducing muscle tension, reducing discomfort, etc, help reduce overall stress on a person’s body. 

(For more insight on how to manage stress, please read this article on stress from Harvard Medical School.)

A Few Changes to Keep You Safe and Healthy When You Come for Your Chiropractic Adjustment

We are implementing some practical changes in the office to lessen the chances of a person being exposed to the new coronavirus and to help you feel more comfortable coming in. 

If you have concerns not addressed here, please feel free to call the office or email me

  1. We have a large supply of disinfectant wipes that we are using liberally to wipe down surfaces that are commonly touched. 
  2. There are disinfectant wipes available for you if you want to wipe down any table, chair, therapy equipment, or anything just to be extra cautious or for peace of mind.
  3. We have two kinds of wipes: one is a standard, Clorox bleach wipe. The other is a heavy-duty, hospital grade, don’t-use-it-on-your-baby kind of wipe. You can use which ever one you prefer. 
  4. We are using wider than normal face paper on the tables to cover a bigger surface area on the adjustment and therapy tables. 
  5. We have made changes to the way we schedule appointments in order to limit how many people will be in the office at any one time (generally less than four). With so few people, we should be able to maintain the recommended six feet for proper “social-distancing”. 
  6. We are discontinuing the use of self check-in touch screens for the time being. Kristen or Sheida will check you in.  
  7. If you feel it’s necessary, you may wait in your car until one of the treatment rooms is ready and we will be happy to text or call you so that you may come in and directly proceed to a room to minimize interacting with others.

We Trust You to Make Good Decisions

Let’s work together to keep you healthy.

We are following safety recommendations and precautions from the CDC, NC Department of Health and other sources as they become available, and I urge you to do the same.

We trust our chiropractic practice members, but ask you to be vigilant and use common sense. If you feel sick, and suspect you have something contagious, please — stay home, rest, recover. 

If you would like an adjustment when you’re sick to help you recover or heal, please contact our office so we can make extra precautions, arrange a special time to adjust you, and together make a wise decision about how to handle your unique situation. 

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