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Questions About Chiropractic Care

When you’re looking for a good chiropractor in Durham, it can be hard to know who to choose. I know… there are a lot of us! I’ve tried to answer the most common questions about chiropractic care to help make your decision easier. If you have questions not answered here, please feel free to call our office at 919-794-4455. You are also welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation with me, and we’ll sit down face-to-face to make sure all your questions get answered before you make a decision about your chiropractic care.

What is the main idea of chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is a natural approach to your health with the goal of allowing the body to function and heal naturally. The purpose of chiropractic care is to remove pressure on the nerves that run through your spine, allowing your inborn intelligence to heal the body—naturally. It is most commonly utilized to fix back pain, neck pain, and headaches. But people under chiropractic care report numerous other health benefits, including fewer colds, imporved allergies better sleep, better sex, and even lower blood pressure.

How do I find a good chiropractor near me?

First, look for a chiropractor who takes x-rays. “To see is to know.” You don’t want someone guessing where to make adjustments. Second, choose a chiropractor who adjusts the problem area and and only the problem area. Many chiropractors adjust “regions” of the spine rather than specific vertebra. If possible search for a Gonstead chiropractor near you because Gonstead has a reputation for being the “gold standard” of all chiropractic techniques. It is an extremely safe and specific method.

Can a chiropractor help with back pain?
Absolutely. In fact, chiropractic is becoming the go-to treatment for back pain. Patients are (justifiably) concerned about addictive and harmful medications, and are looking for alternative treatments. And because chiropractic addresses the underlying structural cause of back pain (instead of simply masking the pain), it gets lasting results. More and more, medical doctors—like this MD writing for Harvard Health—are relieved to be able to send their patients somewhere that will actually be able to FIX back pain once and for all. Click here to learn more about how chiropractic helps with back pain.
Can a chiropractor help with headaches?

After back pain, headaches are the most common complaint that bring people to our office. Dr. Martin has helped hundreds of patients get relief from headache and migraine pain without meds. If you feel like you’ve “tried it all” and still suffer with headaches, you really need to try seeing a Gonstead chiropractor. There’s no such thing as a “normal” headache, and in the right hands you can experience lasting relief. Click here to learn more about headaches and chiropractic.

Can a chiropractor help with sciatica?

Sciatica is caused from pressure on the nerve (a pinched nerve). Not only can chiropractors help sciatica, they are possibly the only healthcare professionals who claim to be able to! All other sciatica treatments focus on managing the pain rather than fixing the problem and releasing that nerve. Learn more about the chiropractic solution for sciatica here.

Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?
The answer to this question depends on what type of chiropractic adjustment you get. Every single day my patients tell me they feel GREAT after their chiropractic adjustment! One reason for that is because I use the Gonstead technique which is known for being specific and gentle. In the beginning, especially if your problem has gone untreated for a while, you might feel a little muscle soreness, similar to how you might feel after a good workout. But adjustments are almost never painful. If you are nervous about being adjusted, please make a note when you schedule your consultation and I will make sure to take extra time to show you in how it works and describe what you can expect to feel. If someone is available, I’ll even show you on a real live model how an adjustment works.
Can't I just crack my own neck?
NO! If you crack your own neck or have a friend walk on your back—STOP! When you “crack” your own neck, you may hear the same popping noise you hear when a chiropractor adjusts you. (That’s air releasing from the joints.) And you might get temporary relief. But when you crack or pop your own neck, you will cause long-term damage because you’re almost certainly moving the wrong bones, and you are overstretching the ligaments and connective tissue. Watch this video for more details.
How do you “adjust” the spine?
Chiropractors call our technique an “adjustment.” An adjustment is performed by specifically aligning a vertebra of the spine to remove the pressure from the nerve, which allows that nerve to send the proper signals without interference. Adjustments in our office are specific, careful and gentle. There is never any twisting or torquing on the spine. That’s a common misconception people have about chiropractic adjustments. It may look like the chiropractor is “twisting” the neck. He’s not. He is carefully setting the vertebra back in place. Most adjustments are done manually with the doctor’s hands. A small percentage of people respond better to instruments like an activator or impulse adjuster. But for most people, Dr. Martin relies on his well-practiced hands to find the problem areas and make a manual adjustment.
I've heard chiropractors say they can help with problems other than back or neck pain... how would that be possible?

If a chiropractor promises you they can help with digestion or allergies or any other specific symptom, walk away! No one can make those kind of guarantees.

That said, chiropractic often does have surprising results for all sorts of health issues. In 20 years of practice as a Gonstead chiropractor, I’ve seen chiropractic adjustments help people with all kinds of health conditions, including digestive problems, insomnia, jaw pain, bed wetting, sexual dysfunction, migraines, and blood pressure.

It makes sense when you think about it, because the nerves that run through the spine spread out over your whole body and control all the different parts, including all the muscles and organs.

So if any part of your spine is misaligned (especially the small bone that holds up and balances your skull), it can choke off the nerves and affect literally any part of your body. Picture someone trying to water a garden with a truck parked on top of the hose. If a misaligned bone is putting pressure on the nerves in your body, it’s going to interfere with the messages the brain is trying to send. Chiropractic adjustments relieve the pressure on the nerves and re-open the communication channels so the brain can “talk to” the rest of the body. That’s why a healthy, properly aligned spine has positive health effects throughout the entire body.

Of all the questions about chiropractic care, this is one of my favorites to talk about.

For more on this topic, watch this 90-second video I created.

I’ve heard that once you go to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life. True?
Not true. Treatment plans in our office have a clear starting point and ending point. After I meet you, do an exam, take your health history, and see your x-rays, I will give you my best recommendations for what you need and tell you how long it will take to fix your problem.

However, I will tell you that many of my patients (well over half) choose to continue coming for maintenance care. But that’s 100% up to you. It’s like any other service. Once you get a pedicure, do you have to keep going back for the rest of your life? Once you go to the dentist, do you have to keep going back for the rest of your life? Of course not. It’s up to you and your goals.

Some people choose to be adjusted just until their symptoms go away. Others like what they’re experiencing and want to maintain the health of their spine with regular care. Either way, I’m happy to take care of you and help you get where you want to be.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care?

Here are some general comments about insurance coverage for chiropractic care:

1. Most insurances offer some type of chiropractic coverage.

2. Most insurance coverage for chiropractic is lousy.

3. As natural healthcare becomes more mainstream, hopefully insurance companies will catch up with what their customers want and start offering better coverage for natural, holistic options like chiropractic.

In our office we generally accept payment directly from you as the patient. Then, if you like, we can take care of submitting the paperwork to your insurance company. If you have any chiropractic benefits, the reimbursement checks come directly to you. We have several payment options available to help make care affordable.

You should know that we are very up front about finances in our office. You will always know what costs to expect ahead of time.

More insurance questions? Or any other questions about chiropractic care in South Durham at Precision? Please call our friendly office staff at 919-794-4455.

How much do chiropractors in Durham charge?
Like any health care professional, cost of treatment depends upon the individual diagnosis. At Precision Chiropractic, our prices are comparable to other chiropractors in the Triangle. (I’m not talking about the “drive-through” style clinics where they’ll adjust you on a walk-in basis with no history or X-rays. But I digress…)
Your exact out-of-pocket cost depends on how much care you need, what your insurance covers, and how you choose to pay. We offer significant discounts for those who choose to pre-pay or do a monthly auto-pay arrangement. (That saves our front desk staff time, and we just pass the savings on to you.) We also offer steep discounts for family care plans.
“How much does it cost?” is a hard question to answer in a general way here online, but we will be glad to give you all the details in person once we know more about your situation. You’ll always know up front what things cost before you make a decision about care in our office.

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How long does an appointment take?
Regular office visits are quick—usually about 10-15 minutes. Your first couple appointments will take longer—around 45 minutes to an hour. Click here to read more about what to expect from your first visit.
Has anyone's head ever popped off during an adjustment?
Is chiropractic dangerous?

No. Despite lingering rumors and urban legend, chiropractic care has an extremely safe track record. One indicator is the cost of chiropractic malpractice insurance. As a chiropractor, I pay about the same for malpractice insurance as I do for my auto insurance (and about seven times less than the average MD).

More questions about chiropractic care? I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

What is the “popping” noise?
The noise you may hear during an adjustment is caused by a small gas bubble inside the joint; it’s not the bones making the noises.

Ready to talk with Dr. Martin?

Dr. Martin is excellent. He administers a no-surprise procedure. You always know what is to come and why that is coming. He is detailed and friendly. This is more than a doctor/patient relationship. He listens and he knows his onions. The front end staff, the two ladies, are extremely polite and excellent too.

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