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What is Chiropractic?
It’s more than you might think. Chiropractic is a natural health care approach with the goal of allowing the body to function and heal naturally. Sure, it helps with back and neck pain and a lot of other symptoms. But the real purpose is to remove interference from the nerves, allowing your inborn intelligence in your brain to heal the body—naturally.
How do you “adjust” the spine?
Chiropractors call our technique an “adjustment.” An adjustment is performed by specifically aligning a vertebra of the spine to remove the pressure from the nerve, which allows that nerve to send the proper signals without interference. Adjustments in our office are specific, careful and gentle. There is never any twisting or torquing on the spine. That’s a common misconception people have about chiropractic adjustments. It may look like the chiropractor is “twisting” the neck. He’s not. He is carefully setting the vertebra back in place. Most adjustments are done manually with the doctor’s hands. A small percentage of people respond better to instruments like an activator or impulse adjuster. But for most people, Dr. Martin relies on his well-practiced hands to find the problem areas and make a manual adjustment.
Does it hurt?

Adjustments rarely hurt, particularly when you are being adjusted by a Gonstead chiropractor. In fact, most people usually feel great! The most common side effect from an adjustment is muscle soreness, similar to how you might feel after a good workout.

How do adjustments help anything other than my back or neck?

The nerves that run through the spine spread out over your whole body and control all the different parts, including all the muscles and organs. If any part of your spine is misaligned (especially the small bone that holds up and balances your skull) it can choke off the nerves and affect literally any part of your body. Picture someone trying to water a garden with a truck parked on top of the hose. If a misaligned bone is putting pressure on the nerves in your body, it’s going to interfere with the messages the brain is trying to send. Chiropractic adjustments relieve the pressure on the nerves and re-open the communication channels so the brain can “talk to” the rest of the body. That’s why a healthy, properly aligned spine has positive health effects throughout the entire body. Dr. Martin has seen chiropractic adjustments help people with all kinds of health conditions, including digestive problems, sciatica, insomnia, jaw pain, bed wetting, sexual dysfunction, and headaches. For more on this topic, watch this 90-second video from Dr. Martin.

I’ve heard that once you go to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life. True?

Not true. The length of a person’s chiropractic care is always up to that individual. It’s like any other service. Once you get a pedicure, do you have to keep going back for the rest of your life? Once you go to the dentist, do you have to keep going back for the rest of your life? It’s up to you and your goals. If you see the value, you keep going back. In our office, some people choose to be adjusted just until their symptoms go away. Most people, after experiencing the benefits, choose to make chiropractic care a part of their regular health care plan on a maintenance basis. Dr. Martin will make his best recommendations for you, but ultimately, the choice is up to you. Click here to read more on the topic of maintaining your health with regular chiropractic adjustments.

What if my insurance doesn’t pay for chiropractic care?

Most insurances offer some type of chiropractic coverage. In cases where insurance doesn’t cover the cost, our office has payment options to help. In many cases, our out-of-pocket office fees are more affordable than insurance co-payments. If you bring your insurance card with you or give us the information over the phone, we can find out what kind of coverage your policy offers and let you know ahead of time what to expect.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are comparable to other chiropractors in the Triangle. Your exact out-of-pocket cost depends on how much care you need, what your insurance covers, and how you choose to pay. We offer significant discounts for those who choose to pre-pay or do a monthly auto-pay arrangement. That saves our front desk staff time, and we just pass the savings on to you. We also offer steep discounts for family care plans. “How much does it cost?” is a hard question to answer in a general way online, but we will be glad to give you all the details in person once we know more about your situation. We are straightforward around here. You’ll always know up front what things cost before you make a decision about care in our office.

How long does an appointment take?
Regular office visits are quick—usually about 10 minutes or less. Your first couple appointments will take longer—around 30-45 minutes. Click here to read more about what to expect from your first visit.
What is the difference between physical therapy and chiropractic?

Physical therapists work on the muscles and help a person regain strength and flexibility. Chiropractors work with the spine and nervous system, which control the muscles. If the structure of the spine is healthy, PT can be immensely helpful. If the structure of the spine is unhealthy, PT can be a waste of time or even make things worse. A holistic chiropractor will continue to work with a person long after the immediate symptoms are gone to help restore and maintain overall health long-term.

Has anyone's head ever popped off during an adjustment?
Is it dangerous?

No. And if the cost of chiropractic malpractice insurance is any indication, then it’s very safe. Chiropractors pay about the same for malpractice insurance as the average person pays for car insurance.

What is the “popping” noise?
The noise you may hear during an adjustment is caused by a small gas bubble inside the joint; it’s not the bones making the noises.
Do you recommend nutritional supplements?

Dr. Martin generally recommends supplements from Standard Process and Biotics. These supplements are whole food products that provide all the micro-nutrients needed in order for the body to absorb the product without depleting the body of nutrients. In contrast, cheap over-the-counter supplements are synthetic, often include chemical ingredients, and often require the body to contribute other micro-nutrients in order to properly utilize it. If you are interested in ordering supplements, please call the office or speak with Dr. Martin.

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