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Here’s what you can expect at your first visit:


Initial Consultation

Please come 5-10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork. Plan on about 45 minutes for your first and second visits. Regular office visits after the first two are much shorter (about 15 minutes). Dr. Martin will ask you some questions to help him understand what is bothering you. Then he will do a chiropractic exam. There’s nothing painful or invasive about the exam. He will gently press around on your spine, do some muscle testing, check your alignment and range of motion, and most likely take X-rays.

Your X-rays

X-rays are taken right here at our office, and they are included in the cost of a new patient visit. The Gonstead technique is X-ray dependent so we know exactly where  your problem is and how it needs to be adjusted. We take X-rays of your spine in a normal resting position, as well as functional X-rays of your spine in motion. The reason for this is to see if any vertebrae are stuck or moving incorrectly, which leads to long-term problems like arthritis and degeneration.

Your Insurance

We work with most insurance companies. Please bring your insurance card with you or email it to us ahead of time so we can check to see what kind of chiropractic coverage your plan has.

Your Case Review

After you leave, Dr. Martin will spend time reviewing the results of your exam and analyzing your X-rays to find exactly where the problem is coming from. When you come back for your second visit, he will review all his findings with you in detail and tell you his plan of action for correcting the problem.


Our office is easy to find and convenient to get to from South Durham, downtown, the Research Triangle area and Chapel Hill. We’re located at the intersection of NC Highway 751 and 54, near Jordan High School. We’re in the same building as the FastMed Urgent Care, which is easy to spot from the road. Our address is 6208 Fayetteville Rd. Durham, NC 27713.

Kid Friendly and Flexible

We’re a kid-friendly office! So if you need to bring your children with you, it’s no problem at all. We also do our best to be flexible and accommodate your busy schedule, so if something comes up and you need to reschedule just give us a call.

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I was genuinely surprised at how much better I felt overall after only a few adjustments by Dr. Martin. His adjustments are so precise. I’ve been to chiropractors before, but none like this. I don’t know if it’s just Dr. Martin, or the Gonstead method … or the combination! All I know is that my lower back isn’t in chronic pain anymore and I’m a lot more active and mobile than I used to be.

Michelle R.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Unless we are mandated to close for a period of time, or unless I get sick, I will keep the office open. I'll explain why and I'll let you know what we are doing in response to the concerns.  Before I get to that, I'll mention something on a personal note... I am...

Is it okay to crack my own neck?

Is it okay to crack my own neck?

  For 20 years I've been hearing people say, “I crack my own neck.” If you crack your own neck or have a friend walk on your back—STOP! When you crack your own neck, you may hear the same “popping” noise you hear when a chiropractor adjusts you. (That’s air...

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