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Every profession has generalists and specialists, and the chiropractic field is no exception. If you want the best chiropractor, go with Gonstead.


When it comes to getting a chiropractic adjustment, more is not better. More specific is what you want.

In contrast to many forms of chiropractic that use general adjustments to regions of the spine, the Gonstead technique is intentional and specific and always based on careful x-ray analysis. In other words, we don’t “pop and pray.”

That means when you see a Gonstead doctor, you know that you’re getting a precise adjustment to the specific point on your spine that needs it, and only at that specific point.


How Can I Find a Gonstead Chiropractor Near Me?

Finding a Gonstead chiropractor isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because Gonstead demands a specific and demanding course of study, fewer doctors opt to become experts in this technique. In this area, where there are hundreds of chiropractors, Dr. Martin is proud to be listed as one of only two Gonstead chiropractors in Durham.

Dr. Martin has been practicing the Gonstead Method for 20 years. He occasionally employs other techniques since different people respond to different chiropractic methods, but Gonstead is his #1 go-to method because in two decades of practice he has seen it consistently get the best results for people. Dr. Martin was trained in the Gonstead method at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and he has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate training in the Gonstead method. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Durham area to help resolve a nagging health concern, you’re in the right place.

What Makes Gonstead Different from Other Types of Chiropractic?

A Gonstead chiropractor uses at least five different criteria to determine a diagnosis. These criteria detect the presence of a structural problem and if a bone in the spine is misaligned. We call that incorrect alignment a “subluxation,” and if it remains unchecked, you’ll likely not only have chronic or acute pain but secondary health problems as well. (For example, a problem in your neck commonly leads to headaches.)


1. X-ray

Not all chiropractors take x-rays. But we think that’s risky. There can be structural anomalies, disease, fractures, birth defects, arthritis and degeneration — all that shows up on an x-ray. If you don’t take the picture, you’ll never see it! Of course there are exceptions. (We never x-ray infants or pregnant women, for example.) But in general, Gonstead chiropractors do not adjust someone without seeing an x-ray first. This is probably why Gonstead has such a safe track record throughout history. To see is to know. And to “not see” is to guess. We don’t guess here.

To See is to Know

An x-ray allows patients to see exactly where the problem is and see measurable improvement over the course of their treatment. You will probably already be feeling better long before your follow up x-rays are taken, but then you’ll also be able to see objective proof with your own eyes.

X-rays are taken right here on site and reviewed by Dr. Martin

2. Static Palpation

When a Gonstead doctor “palpates” the spine, it means he is manually testing the movement of particular vertebrae in the spine. Static palpation is performed when the patient is in a seated position, and the body is stationary.


3. Motion Palpation

Motion palpation is when the Gonstead doctor palpates (feels) the spine to determine the range of movement of a particular segment of the spine as the patient moves, twists, or bends. 


4. Nervoscope

This is an instrument the Gonstead chiropractor runs down the length of the spine to detect the uneven distribution of heat, which could indicate inflammation and increased pressure on the nerves. At Precision Chiropractic, Doctor Martin often takes video using a patient’s own phone, so they can view how the Nervoscope needle bounces as it detects heat differences along the length of the spine.

5. Visualization

A Gonstead doctor will evaluate the posture and a patient’s movement to see if there are visual signs of imbalance, favoring a particular side, or the inability to move accurately and without restriction.



Get Help with Chronic & Persistent Pain with Natural Gonstead Adjustments

I was genuinely surprised at how much better I felt overall after only a few adjustments by Dr. Martin. His adjustments are so precise. I’ve been to chiropractors before, but none like this. I don’t know if it’s just Dr. Martin, or the Gonstead method … or the combination! All I know is that my lower back isn’t in chronic pain anymore and I’m a lot more active and mobile than I used to be.

Michelle R.

Feb 2019

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Coronavirus Update

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