For 20 years I’ve been hearing people say, “I crack my own neck.” If you crack your own neck or have a friend walk on your back—STOP! When you crack your own neck, you may hear the same “popping” noise you hear when a chiropractor adjusts you. (That’s air releasing from the joints.) And you might get temporary relief. But when you crack or pop your own neck, you will cause long-term damage because you’re probably moving the wrong bones, and you are overstretching the ligaments and connective tissue.

A good, structurally based chiropractor will find the precise vertebra that needs to be adjusted, and adjust it in the correct way. This frees up the restricted joint, reduces inflammation and reduces pressure from the nerves. This is one reason we take x-rays on almost every patient at Precision Chiropractic—to make sure we identify exactly where the problem is and know how to fix it.


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