Have you ever been in a car accident? I’ve been a chiropractor for 15 years, and most of my patients over the years say something like, “No, not really. Just a fender bender.” Almost all of us have been in a minor accident at some point. Your car may have survived. You may not have needed to go to the hospital. But I can almost guarantee your neck was affected. Take a second and watch this video. When the car simulator crashes, watch the person’s neck! Even small accidents can damage the spine, cause subluxations and set people up for health problems in the future. If you’ve been in any kind of fender-bender or more significant accident, you need chiropractic care. Yes, your neck will heal on its own… it will just heal wrong (like a fractured wrist if you don’t get a cast on it). So get it fixed before it gets worse.
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