Every profession has generalists and specialists, and the chiropractic field is no exception. Many chiropractors make general adjustments to spinal regions, while Gonstead doctors make precise chiropractic adjustments at specific points along the spine and only at those specific points.

In other words, we don’t “pop and pray.”

That’s great news for patients because the more specific the treatment can be to your unique health issue, the faster you can heal and feel better.

So, if you’re suffering from back or neck pain, or have any time of health issue, such as high blood pressure, insomnia, a poor immune system, consult a Gonstead Chiropractor to see if the root cause of your condition could be coming from a problem in your spine. There is only one Gonstead Chiropractor in Durham, NC, and it’s Dr. Martin here at Precision Chiropractic. Dr. Martin has been practicing the Gonstead Method for nearly 20 years. You’re invited to come in for a free consultation to talk with him.

But what exactly is a Gonstead Chiropractor?

The “Gonstead” chiropractic method is a technique for adjusting misalignments in the vertebrae of the spine. But what would cause that shift? And wouldn’t the body just realign itself?

Well, any number of things can shift the spine: from exiting the birth canal to a tumble down the stairs to a car accident … and much more. This type of trauma can shift the spine in a way that the body can’t heal itself. Over time, a shift in the spine can degenerate the bone and cause problems with our nerves.

When the spine shifts, it can put pressure on the nerve, which “pinches” the flow of information along the nervous system, the body’s communication highway. In order to get the body’s nervous system sending communication currents uninterrupted, it’s essential to realign the spine and “release” the nerve. The Gonstead chiropractic method is the most precise way to restore the flow of information. The method is named after Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, who developed this scientific adjustment technique. His technique is known as the Gold Standard of chiropractic care for a number of reasons.

Highest Standard

The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique is scientifically sound, specific, biomechanically accurate and very hands on. Because a Gonstead Doctor always takes an x-ray (except in the case of a woman being pregnant), a patient’s progress is able to be tracked and measured.

At Precision Chiropractic, we take x-rays so we can see precisely where a structural problem exists. We use a digital x-ray machine that acquires the image with a fraction of the radiation that’s normal to a traditional X-ray machine. I like to tell my patients that they can be an X-ray expert in 30 seconds because you’ll be able to see the problem in 30 seconds! Many chiropractors don’t have an X-ray machine, and if they do have one, they take very general views. We take something called a “functional X-ray” that’s an X-ray we take with your spine in different positions so we can see how it moves.

You might wonder why all chiropractors wouldn’t choose to practice using the Gonstead Technique. The answer is simple: the training is more rigorous; the technique requires attention to detail, a focused treatment plan, and no short cuts to health.


We get it: technology can be fun and sexy. So, when a chiropractor has all the digital bells and whistles and hooks you up to machines that lengthen your appointment and extend the treatment, you really feel like you’re doing something for your health. And while there may be nothing inherently wrong with things like ultrasound, TENS units, or diathermy, these services aren’t necessary with a Gonstead adjustment.

That’s because the Gonstead Technique focuses on the spine—not the muscles surrounding the spine. And although supplementary treatments may not cause harm, we don’t want patients to be confused as to what we’re really doing: we are single-minded in our commitment to finding the root cause of your pain. We don’t treat symptoms.

Symptoms, like pain, high blood pressure, sciatica, etc., go away when we fix what’s causing the trouble.


Because a Gonstead Chiropractor moves only the vertebrae that are out of alignment rather than adjusting a general segment of the spine, this method is often considered the safest form of chiropractic care. The standard of safety is one reason why a Gonstead adjustment is great for those with special needs, such as children, women who are pregnant, and the elderly.

Treatment Beyond Pain

Gonstead is scientifically proven to treat a wide range of health problems beyond pain. Because the nerves communicate with and control every part of the body, when a nerve is pinched—or even when a muscle or vertebrae puts pressure on a nerve, it will affect the body. Pain is one warning side, but other things are happening internally before you ever feel pain.

Think of a garden hose. If the hose is folded, or if something is putting pressure on the hose, it interferes with the flow of water and slows it down, right? That’s a good visual for what’s happening to the nervous system.

Our spine protects the cord of nerves that communicate with every part and system of our body. If a bone in our spine shifts, it can put pressure on a nerve and that could have far-reaching effects. It could mean our body doesn’t function correctly, because these systems can’t receive messages from the brain.

For example, pressure on the nerve could effect:

  • The immune system, so you’re sick more often.
  • The endocrine system, so you could have a problem with your metabolism, hormones, sexual function, and managing stress.

As you can see, taking care of your spine with chiropractic adjustments to ensure nothing interrupts the signals from the nervous system can provide much more than pain relief. And how much further ahead you’ll be when the adjustments are specifically using the Gonstead method. If you’re interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can help you relieve your pain and improve your overall health, or if you’d like to learn more about the Gonstead technique, please come visit us as Precision of Durham. We always have time to answer your questions and show you around the office.

Or schedule a free consultation to speak with the doctor.

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