Hey everybody, my name is Dr. David Martin. I’m a chiropractor at Precision Chiropractic in South Durham, North Carolina, and this is the “Get Your Life Back Video Series.”  Have you seen people in the position I was just in while they were texting? I know you have. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it myself. You’ve done it, and I bet your kids have done it, too. It’s a condition called Text Neck. It’s a real condition where people hold their head forward all the time while using their devices and screens. And it’s causing a lot of problems for people because your head weighs 10-12 pounds and it’s supposed to be positioned directly over your shoulders.  But what happens is, over time, you keep your head flexed forward and it puts a ton of pressure on the neck—on the discs—and that in turn puts pressure on the nerves and can cause all kinds of secondary problems. Over time, that can leave to a condition to Anterior Head Syndrome. Anterior Head Syndrome will result in degeneration, arthritis, and a whole bunch of other problems, like headaches, migraines and other stuff you don’t want to have. My job as a chiropractor is to try to get your head back over your shoulders, keep the spine lined up as well as possible, and keep the pressure off the nerves. Your job is to try to keep your head back up over your shoulders while you’re texting. You can do that by holding your device up in front of you. If it’s one of your kids, put the device in some sort of a stand if it’s going to be used on a table or counter. Or put it in a holder in front of them if it’s behind the seat of a car so they aren’t holding their head flexed forward like this. Everyone needs their spine checked. And if you look around, or see pictures of yourself or your spouse or your kids, and they’re holding their head forward like this, tell them it’s a major problem.  If they are holding their head forward like that and they aren’t using a device, they need chiropractic care right away. Call our office at 919-794-4455 to schedule a time to see the doctor, or click the button below to schedule an appointment now:
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