Headaches and Migraines

Whether you’ve been living with headaches for days or decades, please don't keep suffering any longer. Come see Dr. Martin and find out if chiropractic adjustments can get rid of your headaches.
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We hear this all the time: “Oh yes, I get headaches, but they’re just normal.”

Listen closely. There’s no such thing as a normal headache.

A frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is when the bones in the neck or upper back get misaligned. When bones of the spine lose their normal position or range of motion, it can affect nerves and blood vessels to the head. When spinal nerves and related tissues are stretched or irritated, they can produce throbbing headaches. Medications can cover up these warning signs, but they do nothing to correct the underlying structural cause.

That’s exactly what structural chiropractic adjustments do.
They correct the underlying cause of headaches.

We’re talking about all kinds of headaches…

  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Sinus headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Neurogenic headaches
  • Stress related headaches

Do you get headaches?

Whether you’ve been living with headaches for days or decades, please don’t keep suffering any longer. In our experience, most headaches are caused by a spinal subluxation. And if that is the cause of your headaches, we have good news: We can help you.

Dr. Martin has a special interest in helping people get rid of headaches because that’s what got him on the path to becoming a chiropractor in the first place. In high school he had a wrestling injury that resulted in extremely painful headaches. He tried a number of different things, but nothing and no one could help him. He finally went to see a chiropractor. There, once the originating problem was corrected in his neck, he finally experienced relief. That’s when he decided to go to chiropractic school and become a chiropractor himself.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation. There’s a very good chance that structural chiropractic care could be the solution you’re looking for.

  • You have pain behind the eyes
  • You have pain that makes you dizzy
  • You have pain in your temples
  • You have pain in the back of your head on one or both sides
  • You have pain that goes down the back of your neck into the tops of your shoulders
  • You have a spasm in your shoulders that radiates up into your neck
  • You have a headache that persists for three or more days
  • Your child complains of a headache that lasts for more than one hour

A lot of kids have headaches but lack the vocabulary to know how to explain it. If you see your child squinting or rubbing his neck or head or seeming more tired than normal, that could be a sign he is experiencing headaches.

In our office we offer a complimentary consultation so you can find out more without any having to make any commitment. Why not schedule today and see if chiropractic can help with your headaches?

I have less aches and pains after workouts since I started getting adjusted.

Tommy P.

At Precision Chiropractic of Durham, a consultation is a conversation, not a commitment.

After learning more about you and understanding your health and wellness goals, we'll have a better understanding of how structural chiropractic care can help you. And you'll have a better understanding of what's possible when we remove the structural shifts that cause subluxations in the spine and let the body function without interference.