Many people who thought they “tried it all” are finally able to get relief from migraines under the care of a structurally-based chiropractor.

Migraines suck.

One patient described the pain as “the feeling of someone sticking a spike in your eye.” Other patients have said it feels as if their head is in a vice.

But it’s not just the physical pain of the migraine. It’s the fear of when it will strike and how long it will last. Migraines seem to bring genuine grief to people. Maybe because the pain robs them of so much—like time with their kids and days off work, or even time to relax if a migraine hits during vacation.

What Can You Do for Migraines?

The generally accepted position out there is that there’s “not much we can do” about migraines. At Precision Chiropractic, we don’t buy that.

People usually say there’s nothing you can do about migraines after they’ve already tried everything they know to do for migraine relief:

  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Pain killers
  • Antidepressants
  • Nerve blockers
  • Anti-seizure meds
  • Cortisone shots
  • Shots in the occipital nerve


The fact that people are willing to try such extreme treatment is proof of how bad migraines can be. They’re even willing to endure treatment that hurts! That’s a terrible cycle, a horrible way to live.

There is something else you can do.

Can Chiropractic Help Migraines?

No one can guarantee a cure for migraines 100% of the time. But consider this: Migraines indicate a problem in the nervous system. So doesn’t it make sense to look to the nervous system for solutions?

When patients come to Precision Chiropractic complaining of migraines, we start with X-rays so we have a clear picture of the spine. We pay special attention to certain areas in the neck. Why? Because every single patient we’ve ever seen who complained of migraines also had a loss of curve in the vertebrae in the neck. So what? That loss of curve puts pressure on the nerves. That means there’s a “short” in the system where a weak nerve cannot send and receive the correct signal. The result is pressure and pain. The body is trying to warn you that something is terribly wrong. We call that intense pressure and pain a migraine.

Want Migraine Relief?

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